[A Must Read] An Open Letter To The Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki By Olukoya Isaac A.

A Naijaloadites with the name Olukoya Isaac has a short and detailed piece of letter to our senate president Bukola Saraki.

Read his letter below:-

Dear Sir,

Hope you are in good health and hope everything is going on fine over there with you and mostly with your family sir?.

To start with, this is not a friendly letter nor is it a letter from an enemy. It’s a letter from an hardworking Nigerian youth who writes on justice.

So you can relax and put your mind at rest, Without much emphasis sir, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of the people of our great nation called Nigeria, and I cannot sit idly by in Ogun state without been concerned about what is happening recently about the offa bank robbery and how the police and suspect have claimed you know much about it.

Moreover, their is this saying which says, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Meaning you’ve to justify your claim and tell all Nigerians home and abroad you are transparent and don’t know anything about the accusation.

Whatever affect one affect others indirectly, never again can we afford to live unsecured. And anyone caught plotting harm on his fellow, no matter the post or power bestowed on the person either official or unofficial, such a person must be put to order by been punished because NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

If you could remember vividly you were accused of declaring false assets when you assumed office which was later investigated to be true but to our surprise, the case died down like a fire quenched with water which must never be allowed this time.

Further more, Mr Senate president, anyone who lives in Nigeria can never be considered an outsider meaning all your past and recent atrocities are clear to us all and Nigerians cannot just sit down quietly anymore while this fooling continue. We all know the truth now.

Here are some facts according to the report given by the police after series of investigation which claims and explain you know much about the offa bank robbery that took lives and lots away. Will want you to justify your claim through the media to all by replying this letter.

Here are the proofs:-

1. The Nigerian police force stated that investigation have shown that five out of the arrested suspect attended the wedding ceremony of your daughter in which one of them was caught wearing the ‘Aso Ebi’. How true is this sir?

2. The five gang leaders confessed during investigation that they are political thugs under the name “Youth liberations” aka Good Boys, at the same time admitted and confessed to have been sponsored with fire arms, money and operational vehicles by you and the kwara state Governor. Can you elaborate more on this sir?

3. It was also discovered that three gang leader who participated actively in the offa bank robbery followed you to oloffa’s palace when you claim to pay a condolence visit after the robbery.
Please tell us more about this sir.

4. Can you please explain to Nigerians what sort of relationship you share with this people.

i. Ayoade Akinnibosun aka ‘AY’- The gang leader.

ii. Adeola Abraham and

iii. Salawudeen Azeez…and others.

More so, with the investigation that have been going on as a loyal youth I will want you to tell us the truth….well you still have more question to answer.

Did you think you’re innocent?

Me: No

You: If you are punished for this did you think it’s a bad thing?

Me: No.

You: And if you are to judge someone who have committed same atrocities what would be your judgement?

Me: sentenced to life imprisonment.


In conclusion I will advise the Nigeria police force not to succumb to intimidation from any quarter in carrying their investigation.

And Mr President and all Nigerians must join hand in hands in seeing that law offenders never go unpunished.

And to Mr Saraki do have a nice day and may you never go unpunished if truly you are guilty. … Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

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