Confession Of 3 Yahoo Boys Arrested For Cultism

Confession Of Yahoo Boys Arrested For Cultism:
Facebook New Security Measures Has Made It
Difficult To Make Money

3 suspects arrested for online scam called
Yahoo Yahoo, have said it has become difficult
to make money from the venture because of
security measures adopted by Facebook

The suspected fraudsters, Ohis Destiny, Nelson
Aiogba and Destiny Osagie said many accounts
they opened for Yahoo Yahoo were closed down
by Facebook.

But the police said the suspects were arrested
for alleged cultism and illegal possession of
firearms while they claimed to Yahoo Yahoo

Ohis, a graduate of Electrical/Electronics
Engineering from the Federal Polytechnic,
Auchi, Edo State, said he graduated in 2014
and joined Yahoo Yahoo when he could not get
a job.

The suspect said his brother introduced him into
the “business”.
He said:

“I was arrested for cultism and Yahoo Yahoo. I
started Yahoo Yahoo because there is no job. I
started in January this year. I graduated in
2014 and I have not had a job since.”
Nelson said he graduated from the School of
Health Technology in 2017.
He added:

“There is no job so my brother introduced me
and I started. We use Facebook. I will create
an account and use foreign picture. You start
chatting and tell the man that you are not
allowed to make calls but chatting.”

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