Gist :- Phyno’s “ONE CHANCE” – An International Collaboration That Shouldn’t Have Happened

It is more likely that a new fuse blows up
than for Phyno’s most recent single titled
‘ One Chance ’, to blow up.

On the recently released record, the rapper
seems to have watered down his lyrical
genius as he shabbily packages this below
par song for his teeming fans. What seems
to be the worst of it is the fact that this
would be listed as an international

collaboration in the singer rapper’s
discography in which he features Jamaican
dance hall/reggae singer, Kranium.

Personally, I feel this is just a weak attempt
at creating a hit. No doubt, the party hippy
sound is currently the ish right now but as
a creative, Phyno betrays the art by coming
out with something so willy-nilly.

In the past, Phyno had demonstrated to us
that one doesn’t need a dance track to get
popular like he did in the collaborative
effort with his cohort, Olamide, on Ghost
Mode .

My question is, is this the same Phyno who
once said,
“I tell them I don’t wanna be the best
I’m just happy am recognized, I flow

Dad said be the best in what you do and
Since rapping is what I do, then fvck it I’m
his best rapper”?

Where is the Phyno whose rap verses
restored the faith of people, especially
easterners, in the relevance of Indigenous
rap? The Phyno who went in bars after
bars on songs and made classics out of
them. Not this Fino who goes on saying,
“Me I no fit wait another day o
If no be your way i no dey go
Nwa i’m ready to do wetin it takes
Bet me oo”

Well, I guess not only Phyno is to be
blamed, the rap culture in Nigeria is
currently facing a serious decline because
everybody just wants to wiggle their waist.
Yes, you and I.

Personally, I feel we have gotten to a level
where all genres of music should be
appreciated and applauded not only the
quick dance songs which have no shelf life.

Going back to the song, a lot of work
should have been done not just giving us
the regular pangolo music and hide it
under the hype of having Kranium
featured on it.

Hopefully, in the future, Phyno might just
get his groove back by being that rapper
who, in his words, got steady air-plays
without a dance track.

Adios amigos!
Written by aL Yhusuff
Instagram: @therealmarcusbrown |
Twitter: @alyhusuff