Glo Offers Full Day Of Free Data To Customers

Subscribers of the fully integrated
telecommunications company, Globacom,
will henceforth be able to enjoy a day of
free data once in a seven-day period as
the company unveils an innovative offer
that is aimed at delighting its

The offering, tagged Free Data Day,
allows subscribers to access internet free
of charge for a whole day once they meet
the voice and/or data usage threshold
within seven days.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos
on Tuesday, Globacom’s Zonal Business
Coordinator, Lagos, Adebola Omoboya
said the offering would enable
subscribers on the Glo network to enjoy
the freedom of browsing with free
200MB which can be used throughout a
whole day.

“We appreciate the essence of the
internet in today’s world. We are
through this product empowering our
customers in an unprecedented way in
their business, social and educational
pursuits,” he said.

In order to access the Free Data Day,
subscribers are required to spend N250
or more on calls in the seven days
preceding the award of the free data or
spend at least N150 on calls and use a
minimum of 100MB of data in the seven
days preceding the award of free data
day from any or a combination of
methods such as Pay as you use,
purchase of data plan and usage from an
existing data plan.

According to Omoboya, customers would
be notified when they have qualified for
the Free Data Day and that they do not
need to dial any code to opt in or
subscribe to any platform before enjoying
the benefits.

“When a customer qualifies for the
offering, he would be able to enjoy free
data usage throughout that day, and the
fair usage policy will be applicable,” he

Globacom also seized the occasion of the
press conference to announce a mouth-
watering offer for people who have not
used their Glo SIM cards for 30 days. The
company announced the Glo Welcome
Back, which gives N6000 to such
customers when they recharge their

The credit can be used to browse, send
SMS and make calls to Glo customers.
Subscribers are required to make a
recharge of between N100 and N5,000 to
access the free N6,000 airtime.
Glo subscribers can access the free
airtime based on the amount of recharge
made subject to a maximum of N6,000.


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