I Never Wished To Be A Single Mother – Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood star actress, Uche Ogbodo recently
achieved a major feat in her weight loss
journey, she also organised a boot camp to help
fans who want to lose weight. In an interview
with Saturday Beats during the week, the

beautiful entertainer emphasised that she
never expected that she would ever be a single
mother as she described herself as someone who
appreciates marriage and believes in building a
family with her man.

She said, “It hasn’t been easy raising my
daughter alone, I never ever wished I’d be a
single mother because I am a family person
and I am someone that has always loved
marriage and raising a family. It’s sad for
me; sometimes I cry over it because it is not
easy raising my child alone. There were times
when my daughter asked me about her father
and I don’t know what to tell her.

“It is one of the hardest things I have had to
deal with emotionally and psychologically but it
has made me stronger. I think it is my destiny
to have her; God used her to open another
chapter of my life. She is a very strong
motivation to who I am now.”

The fitness enthusiast also told Saturday Beats
how she was motivated to shed some fat.

“I had lots of motivation to lose weight, I
always like to look beautiful and comfortable
and I needed to take back my place in my
career. Another major reason is because I
didn’t want to be too out of shape because of
my career; I didn’t want to be seen as old in
the entertainment industry.

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“My boyfriend always motivated me to lose
weight. He used to tell me that I am beautiful
and I needed to show it. I also didn’t want to
lose him at that time, so since he was

interested in skinny girls and deep down inside
me, I am a skinny girl in a fat body; I had to
shed some weight to feel better.”

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