I Started My Music Career Before P- Square” – Jude Okoye

Jude Okoye , the manager-brother of the
now defunct P-Square group has opened up
about his struggles before the fame.

In an exclusive interview with Punch, Jude
revealed how he recorded an album before
Mr P and Rudeboy started their music

Jude revealed “I had my first album done
in Jos in 1995 and all the friends around
me told me that it was good and record
labels would pay me good money for it. As
a result of that, I took a flight of N2000
from Jos to Lagos in search of a record label
that would pay me for the album. I went
with two empty Ghana-must-go bags
because I expected that they would pay me
a lot of money. Even though I didn’t know
anybody there, I went to Ivory Music to see
the talent manager. But when I got to the
company, they told me that he was on
leave and I would have to come back the
next week. That’s when reality dawned on
me because I hadn’t planned on how I was
going to get back to Jos. From there, I went
to the Ijora motor park hoping to take a bus
back to Jos.

“On getting there, I found out that the bus
fare was N600. I didn’t have that money so
I ended up sleeping under the bridge.

Being that my mother was a prophetess in
Jos; once in a while, I ran into people who
knew her and they gave me some money.
From there, I was able to get an attachment
bus ticket, which meant I had to stand all
through the trip from Lagos to Jos. After
that experience, I still went back to Ivory
Music two months after. It was then I met
Zaaki Azzay and he shared his experience
with me.

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The songs on my album were purely hip-
hop and he advised me to infuse some
Nigerian flavour into it to make it more
marketable. When I eventually met the
talent manager, a certain Mr. Morgan, he
collected the tape and told me to come
back in two weeks’ time. Meanwhile, I
didn’t have a place to stay for that period
so I had to squat at Bright Chimezie’s boys’
quarters with his friends at Ogba area of
the state. When I went back to Mr. Morgan
after two weeks, he didn’t recognise me.

At that point, I was frustrated and I told
them to give me back my tape. Still, I
didn’t give up and I released my songs in
Jos. I became a local champion because the
songs were popular then. From there, I
decided that maybe a music career wasn’t
meant for me and I focused on my kid
brothers. Then, they were just dancers and
weren’t known as P-Square. I wouldn’t say
I sacrificed my career for them because it
wasn’t working for me anyway.”

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