is Simi Pregnant or what ? check out

Simi trying to say something without
saying something? Is she sending a
message by just showing pictures? But
really, is our dear Simisola pregnant?

Earlier today, Simi shared a picture that is
fueling rumors that she might be pregnant.

In the picture, Simi appeared to have a
bulging stomach and some extra flesh. It
stayed at a mere rumor because there
wasn’t enough to make the conclusion but
by herself, she added firewood to the
burning fire.

Simi followed up her initial post with two
identical picture posts that suggests she is
trying to pass a message that might have
been missed in the first post. Interestingly,
the caption in her next post was intended
to make a revelation. She wrote, “In case
you didn’t see it the first time ?”

Clearly, there’s a veiled message in her
first post and the only thing new is the
development in her stomach region. Going
by the repeated picture posts and the
leading captions, the rumors about Simi
being pregnant seems believable.

It is expected that Simi would give a proper
address to this rumor but it is important to
note that the songstress has been especially
involved with another singer, Adekunle
Gold (AG). There has been unending
rumors that the two singers are dating but
there is little to prove the veracity of this
story; just suggestive pictures, their known
music chemistry and their social media

The two singers created a passion-filled
scene at AG’s recently held concert at
Indigo O2, in London. The urban high life
singer, AG, has been linked to Simi’s
pregnancy rumor, as the man responsible
and the rumor would not cease until he
comes out like Shaggy to say “it wasn’t

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