Kemi Adeosun Not Legally Required To Participate In NYSC? See This

Fact. Mrs. Adeosun graduated from The East London Polytechnic OUTSIDE NIGERIA in 1989.
The status of the polytechnic was CHANGED to a
University was IN 1992.

Whether upon graduation from a polytechnic OUTSIDE NIGERIA, in line with section 2 (1)(c)

Kemi Adeosun was required by law to participate in NYSC. ANSWER.

Section 2 (1) (c) contains no provision or stipulation that a Polytechnic graduate outside
Nigeria or a diploma holder outside Nigeria SHALL be eligible for call up to NYSC.

This is unlike UNIVERSITY GRADUATE as contained under S (1)(b) The law is settled that inclusion of one is the exclusion of others.

Inclusio unius (est) exclusio alterius. Latin legal maxim that makes the point that where a statute, contract or other legal document includes a definitional list of items falling into a category, the inclusion of certain items on the list means that any excluded items are intentionally outside the definition. Simple Wiki definition.

Since this is a legal matter, a serious news agency ought to seek opinion of lawyers on whether Mrs Adeosun is under strict legal obligation to participate in NYSC as graduate of a polytechnic OUTSIDE NIGERIA References

Requirement of NYSC Act 2 (1) (b)If, at the end of the academic year 1974–75 or, as the case may be, at the end of any subsequent year, he shall have graduated at any university outside Nigeria; or(C) if, at the end of the academic year 1975–

76 or, as the case may be, at the end of any subsequent year, he shall have obtained the Higher National Diploma or such other professional qualification as may be prescribed; Exemption

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2 (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1) of this section, with effect from 1 August 1985, a person shall not be called upon to serve in the service corps if, at the date of his graduation or obtaining his diploma or other professional qualification— (a) he is over the age of thirty; or

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