“Letter Of Appreciation To Mrs Aisha Buhari – By Dele Momodu

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PENDULUM | Letter of Appreciation to Mrs
Aisha Buhari – By DeleMomodu

Your Excellency, let me start by telling you
that this letter is not intended to flatter you
but to show my profound appreciation, and
that of so many like minds, for your
uncommon sagacity at a time it seems
wisdom has taken leave from most people in
our dear beloved country and they are more
engaged in flights of fancy. You are a classic
example of that adage that says “behind
every successful man is a woman.” Let me
assure you that you are in a class of your
own. And I thank God for blessing Nigeria
with your kind.

I decided to write this letter only yesterday
when I came across your tweets, or
retweets, of the Oak Television videos that
have since gone viral. I have never seen any
wife of a Nigerian President who would
openly criticise a government in which she
is a major beneficiary. I’m even more
surprised that you would voluntarily
endorse and promote videos that criticised
your government on social media. You may
not know it but you’re setting new
standards in our country. You shall be
called a quintessential pacesetter, when
tomorrow comes. I have no doubt that no
matter what, when all is said and done, and
the present administration is long gone, you
would have left behind a positive enduring
legacy, an epitome of womanhood and
wifely rectitude. My prayer continues to be
that we will be able to say the same of your
husband, our dear President Muhammadu
Buhari, notwithstanding the fact that he
now has little time to address and redress
so many shortcomings.

I’m certain that if your husband had
listened to your wise counsel much earlier
he would have, probably, averted the mess
in which he is currently enmeshed. Your
husband rode to power with so much love
and goodwill, the type we’ve not
experienced since June 12, 1993, when Chief
Moshood Abiola won the Presidential
election, fair and square. The expectations
were very high, in a similar fashion, in
2015, when majority of the voters, including
former critics of your husband chose to
support or vote for him. His was a

miraculous resurrection. No one expected
him to waste such humongous goodwill at
all and, nevertheless, not so soon after his
return to power. But before we blinked our
eyes, things had started falling apart. It took
forever to assemble his team. And when he
finally did, many wondered why they could
not have been selected much earlier, given
the nature and calibre of people selected.
Indeed, it was as if Nigerians expected that
your choices were going to descend from
heaven and some angels were going to be
appointed. The government started losing
steam and stamina from that moment.
Not just that. Your husband’s ruling Party,
APC, started a war of attrition in the
National Assembly. Some of his biggest
supporters were suddenly pounced upon
and humiliated publicly while your husband
kept a straight poker face, as if he knew
nothing or it was not any of his business.
This fierce battle inadvertently united and
aligned some of his own party faithful with
the opposition and they even succeeded in
sharing very powerful positions with them.

I’m sure your husband had been misled into
thinking he still had the power of life and
death like he did as a military Head of State
after the overthrow of the Shagari regime in
1983. He also forgot an important
characteristic of Nigerians, our ability to
forgive and forget easily. The same
Nigerians who would shout “crucify him”
today are the same people who would
scream “don’t kill him” for various reasons,
ranging from ethnicity to religion or even

pecuniary gains. There is also the
quotalisation of corruption, a situation
where stealing enjoys Federal Character.
As if that was not bad enough, the Nigerian
economy suffered its worst cataclysmic fall
in decades, perhaps, because of the ill-
informed decision of your husband’s
government to ban people from depositing
United States Dollars into their accounts. As
interpreted by laymen like me, a country
that desperately needed an injection of
foreign exchange into its Central Bank was
actually rejecting the medicine it badly
needed. Maybe this was the beginning of the
end. All manner of freaky controls followed.

Kids who were schooling abroad began to
suffer untold hardships. Those with
scholarships from home were being
dishonoured. I remember writing a memo to
the President begging him not to offend
those kids. Education had always been a
major investment in Nigerians and any
attempt to deprive our youths the best
education at home and abroad was an
invitation to trouble. Before the decision
was properly sorted, many young people
had given up on this government to protect
their future. In a country that found easy
money for pilgrimages, it was very
unfortunate that education was never a

You blew me apart when you found your
voice and spoke up openly and candidly and
lamented the way your husband’s
government was shattering into
smithereens. You were in a position to
know, and very right to tell the whole
world, that your husband was not in charge
and that if the situation continued
unabated, you were not likely to support his
second term bid. Though you were told to
mind your own business at the time, the
point had been made so eloquently and
poignantly. Today, and looking back, it
seems, you’re indeed a prophet without
honour at home. Everything you said has
become gospel truth.

One more example of your admonition to
our President. Why would he abandon the
key figures who made his winning the
election possible? Those Party Chieftains
who ensured his electoral victory were
either studiously ignored or conveniently
abandoned. It was as if the President had
laboured alone on what had been a
remarkable collaborative effort. As you
rightly noted, Ma, the people you started
seeing in the Presidential villa were strange
faces that you didn’t see in the heat of the
battle. I’m aware of the personal efforts you
made reaching out to some of such people
to appease them and assuage their sore
feelings. That is what every good woman
and supportive wife should do in the face of
wanton disregard and disrespect of the
gallant warriors who fought to demolish the
PDP behemoth when it was least expected.

Today, the chickens have come home to
roost. It appears the President has suddenly
woken up from his slumber or maybe the
mask of the evildoers has suddenly been
lifted and the President we all voted for has
come back from the deep. Our President is
now under pressure to reach out frantically,
and desperately, to the same people who
were used and dumped after that landmark
election in 2015. The same people you
pleaded for and urged should be absorbed
and assimilated into an all-inclusive
government of patriots who worked to
enthrone democratic principles and the
change philosophy you became known as
the apostle of.

Now, the President is working extra hard,
using extra time and effort, to bring back
some of those who have been ostracized for
no justifiable reason. Suddenly, he is now
making appointments which were penciled
in almost 3 years ago, leading to an

understandably botched exercise. The flaws
notwithstanding, key national institutions
will be properly administered for the first
time in your husband’s tenure. We hope
that the necessary refinement of this list of
appointees will not take forever again. Time
is fast spent and your husband will do well
to quickly confirm the authentic list and let
those appointed get to work. Others may see
it as largesse to the Party Faithful but why
not? However, as discerning administrators
and observers will know, the essence of
these appointments is not just in rewarding
Party members but in your husband
fulfilling his statutory and constitutional
responsibilities and not being seen as
running an autocratic, exclusive
government. Every government that
observes the rule of law and not merely
pays lip service to it is on the path of

More recently and commendably, Mr
President is digging deep. He is now
interacting with the people that he needs to
move the country forward and ensure that
he himself has a lasting legacy. It is
gratifying to see the President having
meetings and dinners with members of his
Party, principal officers of the National
Assembly and other key stakeholders. God
is indeed wonderful. Those who felt you
were seeking relevance, and personal
comfort, have now realised your level of
patriotism and love for Nigeria, as those
things that you yearned for and spoke out
about at great peril to your personal comfort
and safety are now beginning to happen. It
is my prayer that you will yet have the last
laugh over the ignominious cabal that
seemed to have held your husband hostage
and attempted to strangulate our nation in
the process. You are a woman of virtue and
honour and Nigerians can’t appreciate you
enough. So this weekend, on behalf of my
fellow citizens I say bravo and doff my
heart to a gentle Amazon, beautiful soul,
visionary woman and invite my fellow
Nigerians to do the same!
May God continue to bless and protect you
and your family.

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