See What I Found In My Saving Box After 8 Months (Photo)

I have been the type of guys who don’t know how to say NO to whatever my friend /gf ask me which hardly make me have a saving so this year January, I decided to get myself a small saving box to start saving some little cash without even letting my girlfriend or friends knew about it.

Yesterday, I saw a post on social media about a saving box (kolo) swallowing people’s money, I was scared because i got mine from public outlet too.

So, i decided to open mine to be sure it’s still
intact .

Guess what! couldn’t believe i have saved up-to this amount from January to August.

I was able to save #118,470 Sorry i kept this from my girlfriend who just broke up with me because i couldnt meet up to her needs financially & as expected “I know you will see this because you are a member here and you always tail my post everywhere” Start saving now friends. No amount is too small.

At least, you will know you have a cash you
never budget for.

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