The Day I Saw A Lingerie In My Boyfriend’s Wardrobe – Anita Joseph

In what she described as “The Truth with Anita
Joseph” on her Instagram account, controversial
Nollywood actress has spoken up about the
awkward moment she found a lady’s underwear
in her boyfriend’s wardrobe.

The Igbo lady shared the gist online for
comments and the response from her fans have
been interesting.

The most hilarious part is the unbelievable
cover-up lie her man told her before coming out

Read the short story below:

“The Truth with Anita Joseph (Column)
What is that One Lie that your
partner has ever told
You (Ex or present)

Mine was a sexy lingerie I found in his wardrobe
and he said it’s his mum’s,i wonderd but bros
this too sexy to be your mum’s OMG
She ties wrapper when she’s here
I said abi you Dey do ur mama then it’s ok.

He got pissed started shivering and said d truth.
The Afro Queen will read ur comments

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