What Peter And Paul Okoye Need To Understand?

United we stand, divided we fall is
definitely the case with the defunct P-
Square, now separated to be Mr. P and
Rudeboy. The duo rolled like a perfect twin
until they decided to call it quits for the
last time, last year. One thing became
obvious after their separation and that is
the fact that each one of them played a
part in their combined growth as P-Square.

During the active period of the group, their
style of art seemed to centre on two core
elements – a style of music that draws
influences from R&B, pop and Afrobeat;
and Michael Jackson-esque dance. It was
generally assumed that Rudeboy possessed
more music giftings while Mr P was taken
as the star dancer of the group.

Upon the announcement of their split, the
echoes of their different specialties grew
louder as fans kept their eyes peeled for
which of the twins would make better
songs, which one would command a larger
fanbase and which one would be the better
all-around artist that can replicate the
success of P-Square , or at least something
close as a solo artist.

It has been over one year since their most
recent breakup and from their solo
releases; Rudeboy seems more like the
“music guy” while Mr P comes off as the
likeable guy whose art is complemented by
impression-enhancers like wowing dance
skills, electrifying music videos and
interesting activities on social media. That
explains why Mr. P commands almost twice
as many followers on Instagram as his twin
and former music partner.

Rudeboy however has been enjoying a little
more music success with well-received
singles like “Somebody Baby” and
“NkejiKeke”, which suggests he was the
brain behind PSquare classics like “Bizzy
Body”, “No One Like You”, “Chop My
Money” and “ Bank Alert” because of the
similarities these songs share with his solo
releases. Mr P’s music leans towards fast-
tempo, pounding beats like “Ebeano”, that
makes one want to dance, music like
“Ejeajo” and “Personally”, which he
performed alongside Rudeboy under the P-
Square unit.

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Clearly, the beauty of Mr. P’s art is
different from that of Rudeboy; while the
music of the former holds its beauty in the
sound and its dance-suggestive nature; the
latter makes music that could serve as food
to a hungry soul – the theme of his songs
give them essence. A combination of both
approaches to art made P-Square one of the
biggest music entities on the continent but
as fractional parts; neither of Rudeboy and
Mr. P has been able to replicate such

Their separation makes them appear as
segregated parts of a system that cannot
function efficiently without the other – like
a matchstick without a matchbox. The team
spirit that existed during their time as P-
Square appears to have been replaced by
an unhealthy competition that threatens to
cost them both their collective and
individual goodwill. As it is now, none of
the two artists is nearing the P-Square-level
and fans have been asking questions of
their individual artistry. One of the most
pronounced comments on the current
situation of the duo was a tweet that read;
“How many unsuccessful singles till Rudeboy
and Mr. P decide to have sense.”

It is obvious, at least to observers, that the
Mr. P versus Rudeboy thing is not working
as the P-Square brand did. The most logical
thing to do at this point should be to settle
their differences and separate personal
issues from the business. Fans are actually
tired of the sight of a head without the
body and a body without the head. Recall
that when their separation was made
public, they came back and delivered a hit
single which they called “Bank Alert”.

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There could still be more hits in Mr. P and
Rudeboy, if only they agree to serve them
as offerings from P-Square.

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