Wizkid’s Manager Opens Up On Alleged Fight With Tekno

It was reported that there was a scuffle
between Wizkid ‘s camp and Tekno at the
2017 One Africa Music Fest in Dubai. It
was said that Wizkid’s manager punched

Tekno for disrespecting him. The news also
carried it that Davido heard about the
incident and he reacted by leading his
crew to confront Wizkid’s crew, a move
that caused chaos to break out.

Until now, the report remained
unconfirmed as none of the artistes
involved came out to speak on what really
transpired at Dubai. However, Wizkid’s
manager, Sunday Are recently broke the
silence on the incident, in an interview
with Punch Newspaper.

In the interview, he said that the widely
circulated story is false, although he
seemed to hint at being disrespected but he
stressed that he does not have a problem
with Tekno, rather he wishes him well.
“Initially I did not want to say anything
about the issue I had with Tekno at the One

Africa Music Fest because if I speak, the
industry would not be happy about what
happened. I just want to be silent on the
matter because what actually happened was
more or less like the quarrel of a father and
son in the house. When a father has a
problem with his child in a house, that is
when the child will do something that is not
good, you scold him and it ends there.

What people have been reading was not
actually what happened. When these young
boys in the industry act sometimes, it makes
me remember the Yoruba proverb which
says, ‘a child can have as many clothes as
an elder but he can never have as many rags
as the elder.’ Also, what an elderly person
sees while seated, a child cannot see it even
if he climbs a skyscraper. With all due.

respect to every artiste in Nigeria both old
and young, what happened on that day has
never happened before. No artiste in Nigeria
has ever disrespected me. Every artiste in
this country knows that I am always there
for them and I also try my best not to
disrespect any one of them.

They can all testify to this. I always wish
every music artiste the best because I stand
for African entertainment. I have always
wished them the best including Tekno; my
happiness is for him to grow higher than he
is today.” he said.

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